Bobo hopes new track brings some change to island

bobo2013smilesWhat better way to generate change within men than for men to assist their fellow brothers.

This is what entertainer Damien BoBo Bowen and producers Darien Bailey and Kevin Daddy Bubbles Marshall of Studio B are hoping for with the release of a new track called Treasure Woman.

The song was released via radio yesterday.

Speaking to Bajan Vibes recently, BoBo described the song as a serious cry out about domestic violence. He said it was a straight talk, no nonsense message directed to the perpetrators of such crimes – who he said were generally the men.

“Domestic violence is a scourge that has been prevalent, we had instances of deaths and serious assaults and abuse even before the season started. The timing always seems to be relevant, which isn’t a positive thing, but we figured now more than ever we need to jump on to that. In Barbados and the West Indies for a lot of us it seems like a cultural norm. For a lot of men it seems a way of getting by in a relationship. Even  the women, some believe that because of our culture it is a sign of love.

“What we trying to say is that regardless of the situation, there ain’t no reason for violence. We recognise that culturally within our groups as men we don’t have a common inclination to correct another man on matters relating to relationships. We would more turn a blind eye. If we know a man doing it, you would talk about cricket or all other topics except ‘My man I see you hit your woman last night, you shunt to that’. We figure that you can bring change when men start to talk to men about it,” he said.

“We are trying to attack that cultural misconception and really put people pun a positive track. As artists and  musicians we know we have a serious responsibility and a serious power to change so we will use the music to do that- definitely.”

Treasure Woman has been in the works since the Crop-Over season but they decided to hold back its release to prevent it from being lost in he hustle of the season. The track is not a soca, rather it  has more of an afro/world acoustic beat, a powerful bass and a very emotional vibe.

The Fun Friends singer revealed that most of the women who heard a sneak peek of the track were moved to tears by the vibe of the song. And he said he was really looking forward to the track bringing about the change needed in Barbados as it related to violence. (KC)


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