Big plans for International Junior Monarch

The Junior Soca Caribbean Competition is spreading to other countries in the region.

One Caribbean Inc., which made the announcement in a press release, said there will be an International Junior Soca Caribbean Competition.

“This initiative was realised on the 24th of August, in Barbados and Trinidad, after several talks with key, interested people from other countries. Also on that day, Sylvester Maynard was named Chairman and Director of The International Junior Soca Caribbean Competition, as well as Dhalana Singh (of Trinidad), Wendy Phillips and Damien Knight [were] appointed as Directors.

“The final leg of the local competition – the Junior Soca Caribbean Competition- saw a slight change to the judging format due to reasons beyond our control. Despite this slight change, the Junior Soca Caribbean Competition still had results based solely on the judges’ discretion. The judges decided to view the performances of 2013 via the popular social media site Youtube and declare the winners.

One Caribbean Inc. would like to thank all who helped in making this year’s Junior Soca Caribbean Competition a success and we are very excited for 2014; with the continual development of this fantastic local initiative as well as the regional one in the International Junior Caribbean Competition. We at One Caribbean Inc. remain dedicated to the development, showcasing and highlighting of the young Calypso stars of the future and ensuring the longevity of this glorious art form that we love, soca.

The results are:

1st place Jeremy Rodriguez with a song called Color Me Carnival; 1st place Jeremy Rodriguez for patriotic lyrics; 2nd place Devyn Tyson with a song called Trophy; 2nd place Devyn Tyson for most outstanding lyrics; and 3rd place Hypa Kidz with a song called Temperature.

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