Big and Beautiful contestant: Serena Holder

bigandbeautiful2013serenaSerena Holder

Age: 24

Hobbies: Spending time with my son, Surfing the net

Q1: Why did you enter the -iss Big & Beautiful Pageant?

A1: I entered the -iss Big and Beautiful Pageant, because I know I have the potential to become the next -iss Big & Beautiful, boost my self confidence so I can feel comfortable in my skin.

Q2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A2. I see myself having accomplished my childhood dream of becoming a nurse, though now I’m seeing interest in crime scene investigation, also having my own home

Q3: What advice would you give to other full figured ladies, who may be interested in entering the -iss Big & Beautiful competition?

A3:The advice I would give to other full figured women interested in the pageant is: You have to want it, have patience, willing to make certain sacrifices and you must be dedicated

Q4: What would you say to those persons, who believe that the -iss Big & Beautiful Pageant, encourages obesity and unhealthy living?

A4: I would simply say to those persons that it is utter nonsense! The show is to help us full figured women find the beauty within ourselves, it boosts your self confidence, helps us to feel better about ourselves. There are shows like Next Top Model, -iss Universe etc… Does that mean it encourages anorexia? No! It helps those girls to feel good about themselves also.

Q5: How has being in the pageant impacted on your life?

A5: Being in the pageant I must say that it changed my fashion trend and it has boost my self confidence. When I’m walking through town I feel like the bomb!! Like I’m the sexiest thing ever! It feels good also makes me feel outstanding, cause I am, outstanding! 😉

Q6: You have won the -iss Big & Beautiful Pageant, How would you use your reign to help uplift and encourage other full figured women, with low self esteem?

A6: I will be a role model for them, be there to help give them advice on how they can feel better about themselves, advise them to dress to suit their plus sized figure, there are some full figured women who like to be dressed in tight outfits, short revealing clothing. No ladies, you have to dress according to your body structure, just like averaged sized women wear the skimpiest things and think it looks good, it doesn’t. No matter the size, everything out there won’t suit everyone.

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