Adams: National awards for those who deserve it

Minister of Culture Eleston “Namba” Adams
Minister of Culture Eleston “Namba” Adams

ST. JOHN’S — Minister of Culture Eleston “Namba” Adams has decried political interference in the process of awarding national honours and called on the organising committee to only honour individuals who truly deserve it.

“Too many people are given this award over the years. One party gives this number of persons, and so the other party gives this number of persons,” he said.

“I am just saying, let us award those who really deserve it. Let people work hard, serve this country well, and when they have served, award them.”

Adams, speaking on state television Tuesday morning, said the national awards have been “watered down”.

“I am hoping and pleading and calling on that body to let us not award too many people,” he said.

“This is a small country we need to keep it under control, to a small number. Let us ensure that for those that are receiving that honour, it is well-earned and that it is well-given; something that people can be proud of,” he added.

There has been a reignited national discussion over the airways on the merits of national honours following Monday’s announcement that Opposition Leader Gaston Browne nominated former Prime Minister Lester Bird for knighthood. (Antigua Observer)

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