Stantec workers spruce up popular beach spot

Elson Toppin and Gloria Hutchinson busy on this pot.
Elson Toppin and Gloria Hutchinson busy on this pot.

Staff of Stantec took up paint brushes today and headed to Fitts Village Esplanade.

As part of the company’s global community outreach project, the Black Rock, St. Michael office decided to do a face-lift of one of the most popular “windows to the sea” on the west coast.

Managing Principal with the company, Justin Jennings-Wray explained that all their offices across the globe were embarking on various community-minded efforts as part of the engineering and environmental firm’s general rebranding initiative, themed Stantec in the Community.

It meant that there would be more than 4,000 people worldwide engaging in remaking, tree plantings, upgrades to facilities in need of assistance today, he said.

“We wanted to do a project that has an impact on the community and this is a well-utilised park, not just by residents of Fitts Village and Prospect and so on, but in more recent times it has become a drop-off spot, a sightseeing stop for the cruise ship visitors when the taxis come through. There are church events here, picnics here, people rent the facilities for birthdays and other events.

Alison Archer wanted to make this plant pot memorable.
Alison Archer wanted to make this plant pot memorable.

“So having had a look and seen that there are aspects which are in a somewhat state of disrepair, we felt that we could make an impression on the community and add to the value of the place by playing our part,” said Jennings-Wray.

Today with brushes in hand, the crew of eight, including Jaye Applewaite, Orman Collymore, Antonio France, Elson Toppin, Gloria Hutchinson, Shae Warren and Alison Archer, gave a lift to the fountain at the entrance to the park, the plant pots, as well as the picnic tables and benches.

Jennings-Wray, who was splattered with paint from his own efforts at rehabilitating one of the picnic tables, said they had also thought to tackle the wall to the seaside but that would require additional work.

“We hope that people benefit from this. Unfortunately we can’t do everything. Our original intention was to try and do the wall. From the sea you can see it and it is kinda unsightly and so on, but it actually needs some structural repair before it can be done, but that might be part of a future project,” he added.

He said the staff participated in clean-ups each year but this was the first time they had designated a special day for Stantec employees around the globe to engage in such activities simultaneously. On the local front he noted they would continue with local community-related activities in the future, since he added that it was also a way to create camaraderie among staff as well. (LB)

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