Cage cricket a hit with kids

Coach Mohmad Pandor fields while a young participant tries to hit some targets.
Coach Mohmad Pandor fields while a young participant tries to hit some targets.

Now that schools have reopened, the promoter of Cage Cricket in Barbados is hoping to take the game to several secondary and tertiary institutions.

Director of the UK-based Catch Project and the Ready Steady Go Barbados programme, Sheromie Brewster said she was pleased with the way both children and adults are responding to the alternative cricket game and she was hoping to establish a few challenges here.

Commenting after a successful introduction of the game at last weekend’s Ovaltastik, Brewster said: “We had a great turn out of young people getting involved in RSG Cage Cricket Challenge at the Kensington Oval Ovaltastik event, with great support from Kensington Oval, Al-Falah School, Mohmad Pandor coach for Grass Roots programme, match Referee for Barbados Cricket Association and coach for Scotiabank Kiddies Cricket and Randy Eastmond of Quantum Productions.

“Some of the young people were playing for the first time and they really enjoyed the experience and would like their schools to include it within their physical education.”

The Cage Cricket game is one that is gaining in recognition in the UK, played by six people. Each participant gets the opportunity to bat, bowl, field, umpire and keep score during the game played literally in a cage or in enclosed surroundings with four sides.

Coloured targets are places around the enclosure at intervals, each with a score that batters will try to hit during their innings.

“A parent of a child that took part mentioned, ‘I like the format of the game and that every player gets to score, bat, bowl, field, umpire and it is fun. I will be talking to my son’s school to get Cage Cricket at the school for students and staff’,” said Brewster.

She said Harrison’s Cave donated tickets for their Lantern Tour in October, with Pine Hill Dairy also adding some items for giveaways.

“We will be delivering more Ready Steady Go/Cage Cricket Challenges at UWI as part of their coaching programmes, outreach programmes and CPLT20 programme, as well as to a few more schools.

“Kensington Oval will be including the Cage Cricket Challenge as part of their new indoor sports venue and add to their spectator experience. It is a great opportunity to introduce Cage Cricket so that it can be played with all age groups in the future as part of events, coaching programmes and just for fitness and fun,” she said. (LB)

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