BNA joins fight against violence

President of BNA Blondelle Mullin
President of BNA Blondelle Mullin

The Barbados Nurses Association has come out against the upsurge of domestic violence in the country.

And has vowed that it will join with the National Association of Women in a public rally on Thursday to condemn such acts of violence.

In a recent press release the association recalled that “a few weeks ago the nursing fraternity was thrown into shock and grief at the tragic death of nursing auxiliary, Denise Valette Clarke, who died at the hands of a perpetrator of domestic violence”.

The statement, issued by President Blondelle Mullin went on to say: “The Barbados Nurses Association abhors any form or type of domestic violence and when it occurs at our doorstep both literally and figuratively, since she was killed at her workplace, a nursing home, it is even more painful.”

The association said it was joining with all the other agencies to lobby government to speed up the process to have the Domestic Violence Act passed.

Pointing out that the BNA was an affiliate of the National Organisation of Women, Mullin invited nurses and the general public to a rally on September 12, 2013 in Heroes’ Square from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

In a subsequent statement issued by NOW, that organisation called the rally “a mission to lobby for supportive legislation environment that can adequately protect victims and prosecute the perpetrators”.

NOW stated: “This Rally is seeking to raise awareness about domestic violence against our women and to empower the public and service-oriented agencies, groups and faith-based organisations etc., to help to reduce the incidence in Barbados. Services and support systems offered by the various victim support agencies will be highlighted.”

Presentations will be made during the rally by the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Family Conflict Unit, the Bureau of Gender Affairs and the Business and Professional Women’s Club (Barbados) and NOW officials, along with Women of Purpose, and others.

Entertainers, both male and female, who are scheduled to address the issue via their respective art forms will include Mya Daniel, Adrian Greene, Bobo and Andre Belle, among others. The event will be chaired by broadcast personalities Carole Roberts and Dennis Johnson.

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