Transport Board honours retirees with annual bus excursion

The drivers were just as entertained as the guests.

About 100-plus people packed three buses over the weekend and headed to River Bay, St. Lucy as the Transport Board paid homage to its retirees.

Manager of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Lynda Holder, said it was part of the board’s anniversary celebrations.

“It was the Transport Board’s retirees excursion, specifically done for them just to say thank you for all they have done throughout the years and we tend to celebrate our retirees that way as part of our anniversary celebrations,” she explained.

While they had been doing the excursion for some time, Holder said this was one of their bigger showings and they were able to take three buses to River Bay where the individuals participated in karaoke, dominoes, cards and other games.

She said the whole point of the outing was to allow for some reminiscing among the staff and the retirees, and help to foster good comraderie. (LB)

Two elderly patrons enjoying a heart to heart.

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