Back to school

backtoschoosocietychairAfter nine weeks of vacation, thousands of students reported to school today for the start of the 2013-2014 academic year.

Spanking new uniforms, shoes, bags, books were the order of the day as were sharp hair cuts for the boys and neat hairstyles for the girls.

For some pre-schoolers there were tears as they clutched their parents’ hands tightly while heading to their new classrooms and unfamiliar surroundings.

Some of those in nursery and reception classes were eager to settle in and play even though a few of then wanted to return home to mummy. It was an exciting day for the older children who were returning to school to reunite with classmates who they last saw in July.

Several parents whose “babies” entered first form at secondary school looked nervous as they waited for the bell to ring before they left or at some schools joined them for prayers.

From various reports, apart from two schools being dismissed early, it was a smooth start to the Michaelmas term, which ends December 13. (DS)

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