T and T ministers to undergo inspection as gov’t ushers in new era

Trinidad PM meets her new justice minister.
Trinidad PM meets her new justice minister.

PORT OF SPAIN — The Prime Minister yesterday promised that no one in her government would escape scrutiny.

She was delivering a statement to the nation in which she announced cabinet changes.

The prime minister promised that the new changes would usher in a new era of her Government.

“I can assure you that no one will escape scrutiny of his or her performance and satisfaction of the public interest. This is lift-off time, the launch of the most aggressive development and progressive period of governance in our nation’s history,” she stated.

The prime minister, however, said that government could not achieve this alone.

“We will embrace every group in this country,” she said.

She held out an olive branch to all opposition groups “to work with me in making a difference”.

“It is time for balisier, rising sun, circles, cane stalk and refinery, fist, tree and any other political symbols to be overwhelmed by national aspirations symbolised through the Scarlet Ibis and the flag,” she said.

“If (Nelson) Mandela persuaded forgiveness and unity for the good of South Africa, if (Mahatma) Gandhi demonstrated the power of non violence in India, if Martin Luther King could have birthed a dream for a difference America, why can’t Daaga, Ramadhar, Rowley, Warner, London, Kamla or any other, embrace the same noble aspirations for the good of all who follow us?” the prime minister asked.

Speaking on the eve of the debate on a bill designed to introduce a measure of proportional representation into local government, the prime minister stated:

“If I had my will, I would form a national government comprised of all groups. But our coalition government happens to be the closest ideal to that pursuit”. (Express)

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