Road works at various stages of completion around the island

by Emmanuel Joseph

The break away road at Upper Parks, St. Joseph.
The break away road at Upper Parks, St. Joseph.

At least two of about 20 Government road projects has been put on hold, while others have reached various stages of completion. In one instance, rehabilitation work has not yet started.

On the spot investigations by Barbados TODAY this week revealed that while the Ministry of Transport and Works has closed the section of road between Dark Hole and Coconut Grove at Upper Parks, St. Joseph, repairs to the broken road have not begun.

The severe damage to the road caused by recent heavy rains. The flood waters carved out a gaping cave-like chunk, estimated to be about 30 feet long and six feet deep. A portion of the road has also been swept onto a nearby grassy property.

The ministry has placed reflective cones and security tape around the damaged area and erected caution signs at both junctions of the road, advising motorists of its closure. While that pathway remains shut, access to Dark Hole is available from the road at Lower Parks. The ministry has indicated that Upper Parks will remain closed, until it is reconstructed.

Work on the PriceSmart/ Manor Lodge junction on hold.
Work on the PriceSmart/ Manor Lodge junction on hold.

Meanwhile, construction work at the PriceSmart and Manor Lodge junction, which is being undertaken by C.O. Williams Construction on behalf of the Government, has been put on pause.

A statement from MTW said it was because technical issues were being worked out.

An early afternoon visits to five other sites revealed that no work was being undertaken and no employees were present. In an update of road works for this week, the ministry said that a crew was excavating for construction of slipper and kerb as part of phase two in Clarke’s Road, St. Peter and that bridge posts were to be built.

It also stated that bridge posts were being constructed at The Risk in Boscobelle, where the road is being resurfaced and sand sealed. The road edge, the MTW added, is being reinstated there, while resurfacing and sand sealing were going on at Mount Brevitor.

Guard wall at The Risk, St.Peter.
Guard wall at The Risk, St.Peter.

Although the Barbados TODAY crew observed evidence that some work had started, not a single worker was seen at these locations. The ministry pointed out, too, that a crew was working in Sweet Vale, St. George, reinforcing a kerb wall, while another was building a bridge wall in Drax Hall near Prerogative.

“Construction of a road haunch and kerb and road resealing are still ongoing in Middleton Road. Road works are currently on hold at Blenman Road in Ellerton, where the road was being prepared for paving,” noted the ministry. In St. John, the road reconstruction project at Haynes Hill, the MTW stated, is still ongoing and a box drain at Carter’s Main Road continues.

Apart from the projects listed by the ministry, the team from this newspaper saw major road works in the area of Joes River, St. Joseph and a damaged bridge at Warleigh, St. Peter. There was no evidence of any repairs having commenced on the bridge.

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