Helping the homeless

BVHS, Kemar Saffrey
BVHS, Kemar Saffrey

Gold Coast Records and The Barbados Vagrants and Homeless Society are teaming up to feed the homeless.

Through the Love Barbados Campaign, patrons attending the Fantasia Live concert can get their tickets at half price once they donate a can item to the society.

Chairman of the BVHS, Kemar Saffrey, told Barbados TODAY he was thankful for the initiative because it came at a time when they were in need of assistance. He said that the number of persons attending their Wednesday feeding programme had increased to almost 150 and they had been finding it difficult to keep up with the demand.

Gold Coast, he said, was hoping to collect about 6,000 cans, so far, they have collected a little more than 1,000. Saffrey said he expected the efforts to go a long way in helping persons and planned to use half of those collected for their feeding while they will donate the other half to society.

The BHVS had relocated upstairs Yvonne’s Cakes and Pastries on Tudor Street in the City. (KC)

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