Gospel Linguistics

Jillian Williams.
Jillian Williams.

If there was ever a time academics needed gospel music, it is now, or to be more precise, tomorrow.

You see, an enterprising young woman from one of our neighbouring CARICOM countries, currently living in Barbados and studying at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies, may have to quit pursuing her life long goal to be a linguist.

Having only been able to complete two full years of her three-year degree programme since enrolling in 2008, because funds had run out, a desperate 23 year old Jillian Williams, has nowhere else to turn, but to her singing ministry — and church folk — for some financial relief.

Jillian, who had to miss a total of four semisters or two calendar years, in that she had no money to pay, has decided, with the help of friends, to use her singing talent to get as close as possible to the $15,000 required to finish the semisters missed.

“I am beginning to see that when God is on your side, things will work out,” she declared.

So Jillian will stage a gospel concert tomorrow at the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School beginning at 8 p.m. This very important event, dubbed Moving Forward, will feature such guest artists as ace saxophonist Rickey Niles, Joyful Voices Choir Competition winners, Endless Praise, recording act Barry Reid and NIFCA gold medalist, Lashana Lewis.

All are encouraged to go out and hear Jillian’s testimony through her beautiful ministry in song and support her goal. This young woman has been singing mainly in Seventh Day Adventist Churches and some Full Gospel Assemblies since she was 16 years old. Her previous source of funding no longer being available, she has now taken the initiative to make use of her talent to help herself.

In the meantime, High Note has been informed that some church members are donating money to the cause, while others are either buying tickets, being sold at $12, even though they are unable to attend the concert, or calling for more, having run out of them.

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