Family gets helping hand

Within the next seven to 10 days assistance would be on the way for the young Christ Church family that was found living in deplorable conditions.

Director of the Rural Development Commission, Randolph Outram, gave the family this assurance during an interview with Barbados TODAY.

“Minister Stephen Lashley referred the matter to the RDC. It was on our radar, but things developed more quickly than we anticipated. We have responded. It is our intention to have the matter rectified expeditiously.

“It is not the policy of the RDC to discuss its clients business in the newspaper. If a matter is highlighted in the newspaper we quietly respond. We think it is undignified to be discussing people’s private business in the newspapers. So we will respond and we hope to have a positive response in place within the next seven to 10 days,” he said.

“The house is a state of disrepair. We usually provide our usual response to these matters to provide adequate housing. Our technical personnel are currently looking at the house and I hope to have a report by this evening,” Outram said yesterday. “By Friday some action should be taken on the project.”

In another section of the press, Lashley, who is the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs expressed disappointment that nothing had been done by the relevant state agencies to turn around the deplorable living conditions under which a young Christ Church family lived.

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