Young people urged to make contribution in any way possible

CXC awardees
CXC awardees

Young people have been encouraged to “have a fertile ground” in order to “harvest great produce”.

The advice has come from Public Relations Officer of the United Youth Leaders of Barbados, Shakeeda Williams, who told the members of the Barbados Public Workers Co-operative Credit Union Ltd’s Thrift Club that although life will be very challenging, with hard work, determination and the right motivation, they will succeed at any level.

“Students, it is our duty to help make it better for both ourselves and those to come by contributing in some way, whether it is by doing the best that you can in your studies and personal development, attracting more funding, representing UWI or the island at some level whether it is through debating or even sports in order to bring attention to the University’s programmes, you can even contribute as an alumni member. Consider being a part of a youth empowering organisation, volunteer, and or get involve in your community.

“You may be wondering how this can benefit both you and those to come. In this regard I can use myself as an example, it is because I did these things that I can stand here today and say that I am making it better by speaking before you. It is because I did these things that I was selected to share with you. My fellow peers, we all are capable of being good citizens and even better youth members. Let us join hands in helping each other in being productive and in turn help our nation,” she said.

Williams gave the feature address titled Live To Learn, at the Credit Union Ltd’s Annual Thrift Club Awards Ceremony at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre on Sunday.

The ceremony is to honour those members of the Credit Union who would have done exceptionally well in the recent Government Examinations.

The former Frederick G. Smith Secondary School student who told the audience about her days at school, said that the youngsters would once again take another step closer to the real world and she sure their parents might tell them it was not an easy world out there, something that she was beginning to see that a bit more clearly now.

“I can tell you, young people; it is not an easy world out there. Parents, may you continue to work with your children as they develop into well rounded citizens of our island. For it is of paramount importance that we know persons are willing to work with and alongside us. So continue to set good examples for us to follow,” Williams said. (DS)

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