President’s ex executed over Bible, pornography

Hyon Song-wol (centre) back in 2012.
Hyon Song-wol (centre) back in 2012.

SEOUL — The ex-girlfriend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — seen here taking notes for Kim in 2012 — has reportedly been executed by firing squad.

South Korean newspaper Chosn Ilbo reported today that Hyon Song-wol and other performers were put to death on August 20 over pornography charges. They were accused of selling sex tapes of themselves and some of them allegedly possessed Bibles, which is a political crime in the repressive state.

File footage from North Korea’s state TV showed a woman believed to be Hyon standing behind Kim Jong-un and his wife at a concert in July 2012. The South Korean newspaper said Kim and Hyon met about 10 years ago, but his father, Kim Jong-il, disapproved of their relationship and ordered it to end. (Reuters)

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