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More marijuana seized

The bushy area where the drugs were found.

The bushy area where the drugs were found.

There is now no doubt about it, cops report: The Royal Barbados Police Force’s efforts to thwart the importation of illegal drugs is resulting in more drug dealers growing their own here.

Police Public Relation Officer, Inspector David Welch, made the point this morning as over 85 personnel from the RBPF and the Barbados Defence Force made another drug discovery. More than 123 marijuana plants were seized from a gully in Woodale Road in Taitt Hill, St. George today as officers continued the unsuccessful search for 37-year-old Malcolm Small, who has been missing since August 26.

Speaking to the media after the discovery, Welch said along with the growing plants they found a drying area. “There is an effort by these unscrupulous persons to grow cannabis wherever — we [have] found cannabis not only growing in large plots but also backyards, plant pots within houses. So again we will be going after those persons and the areas we believe that these cannabis plants are growing,” said Welch.

Soldiers came prepared.

Soldiers came prepared.

“We believe our efforts on the borders may have contributed to this growing of plants. We have seen in one recent case where they were well laid out, the plots were well manicured, the trees well kept and fertilised. So there is a concerted effort to harvest these plants and also to hide them because they are found in gullies. They are camouflaged.”

But he warned the force intended to intensify the fight against drugs by locating the places used for the growing of cannabis and arrest the culprits as law enforcement personnel strive for a drug-free Barbados. No one has yet been arrested in connection with today’s seizure.

So far for this year police have seized just over 23,000 cannabis plants, a more than 2,000 increase over the entire 2012 figure. Police are also appealing to Barbadians for information about other areas of the island where cannabis is growing. (KC)

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