Cya Layne is on top at 12

by Kimberley Cummins


At 12-years-old Cya Layne is like any other pre-teen.

She enjoys going to church, particularly to Sunday school classes. Every year she excitedly looks forward to the annual Spirit of The Nation show in November, the youngster likes to bake box cakes, experiment making pizza, shopping, spending time with her family and basically, “all the simple things in life”.

What’s different about her though, is on top of those things she also participates in body building and body fitness, swimming, art and reading — a lot. Layne is also a member of her school’s cadet company, debating society and creative writing group. She has entered the Literary Arts competition of the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts and most recently earned a grade 1 in English at the CXC level.

How does she do it? This question, she told Barbados TODAY, is very often asked of her.

The answer: Simply good time management skills. “It’s all about time management,” the smiling young woman said. “I put my priorities right, plan my week and do my home-work at school,” she added before laughing.

Her strategy has been fruitful and now a section of her Farm Garden, St. Philip home is decorated by more than 20 trophies, some for body building, others from essays competitions hosted by Government Information Services, the General Post Office and Energy Week organisers; awards from NIFCA for her poems and short stories as well as countless certificates.

Her proud family.
Her proud family.

Next Monday she will be among thousands headed back to school, but while the Harrison College lass is aware second form will be tougher than first, she has no plans on lightening her load of activities. In fact, the slender young woman told Barbados TODAY she may just add to it.

She said: “If I keep up my time management I will be able to juggle everything. I don’t want to stop any because every one acts in a specific way to help me become a well rounded person. Some help with my confidence, another may help improve my English skills — I just love doing them all.”

Cya may want to continue all her activities, however at just 12 years of age she cannot drive herself around — someone has to take her. So she thanked the persons who she said “endures” the hectic schedule; her mum Coradean, who stood by her side beaming, as well as elder sister Christina Stoute, who pitches in.

Having to sometimes look up to Cya because of her stature, with a smile etched on her face, Coradean said she was extremely proud of both her daughters.

“Sometimes it can be physically and emotionally challenging as a single parent where I have to be doing everything for my kids, but because I know the necessity, I persevere. It is challenging but rewarding,” she said.

Cya says although she is not settled on a career direction as yet, there was a high possibility she will pursue paediatrics when she grows up. kimberleycummins@

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