Cops seeking help to find missing man

Malcolm Mark Small
Malcolm Mark Small

The family of  Malcolm Mark Small is still hopeful he will return to them safely.

Small has been missing since August 26 and today his family received a glimmer of hope, when news spread that the Royal Barbados Police Force, which were in the Woodale, Taitt Hill, St. George area searching for him, made a discovery. However, when his brother, Kenneth Parris, arrived to the scene he learnt that police had in fact not located his brother but marijuana growing in a gully a few yards away from his home.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY another of Small’s brothers, Evans Parris, said he and the entire family felt terribly about the whole situation. He described Small as a quiet person who preferred to stay at home and kept to himself.

“I feel a lot bad, I feel that he gone,” Parris said as tears filled his eyes.

“Me and he used to be in the house all the time together. This got me feel bad, I nearly dead here a night. I was studying that so deep that I start get some heat running through my leg, then my head start to feel bad, my eyes start to feel dim — I couldn’t see the TV, so I went outside and drink some water. When I come back in, I mek up me bed, lie down and I tried to tek it easy. The family ain’t feel good a’tall, I really hope them find he alive,” he said.

Small is about 5’9” tall, of slim build, dark brown complexion and has an oval face. He has a large broad nose, has a round head and wears his black hair low. The 37-year-old has small dark-brown eyes, thick eyebrows, a long neck and square shoulders. His voice is light and he speaks with a stutter. He was said to have a pleasant manner and has a scar about two to three inches long on his left elbow.

Speaking to the media after the drug find, Public Relations Officer of the RBPF, Inspector David Welch, said the search for Small would continue. He appealed to the public to contact the force with any information that might assist them in finding small.

He also urged Barbadians that whenever a person who was not known to disappear for periods of time went missing they should not wait for 24 hours to report it to the police. He explained a person was deemed to be missing when they had not been heard from in a reasonable time.

So far for the year 56 persons have been reported missing. Besides Small, 21-year-old Anthony Elie Belgrave, of Amity Lodge, Christ Church, is still to be located. He has been missing since June 4 2013. Out of the 56 reported missing, two were discovered dead: Marion Applewaithe and Monica Marshall-Wilkinson. All the others have been accounted for. (KC)

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  1. Marva Lashley-Todd December 9, 2013 at 6:03 am

    what!!! 56 people, that is a lot to go missing in small Barbados!


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