A school’s prayer

I will be using my space this week to pray for all students, entering or re-entering any educational setting and all teachers, aunties, lecturers, professors and anyone who will be imparting knowledge.

But before I get into any discourse with my Jesus I want to mention a few things.

The first thing is the school bags. I went into a store and saw an ugly teal back-pack for $237 and change. If that wasn’t the shock, some of my young people, not at all phased, told me there are some for $300 plus.

Well, well, well.

I feel I may be on to something. If anyone brings this to fruition, just call my name and I would be satisfy; keep the money. I believe every school should have its own bag just like they have their own tie, epaulette and socks. I would give the choice between a messenger type bag and a back-pack with the school crest and motto.

I am not too sure about the shoes as yet, cause I know some children with some adult feet. But there are some affordable shoes — but I have seen children shopping for some high end brands.

The cell phones. Leave them home. But if you are given a little rope don’t hang yourself with it, turn off the phones between 8:30 and 2:45. Yuh know what, that is foolishness, they cause problems, leave them home.

The other thing is school UNIFORMS — not school clothes, UNIFORMS. I agree totally that the length of a uniform will not determine if a child excels or not. So since it does not if the knees are to be covered, cover them. If the skirt is to be six inches above the ankle, comply.

Uniformity shows equality and equality is one of the steps in eliminating bullying. You can argue about that but it is my opinion.

You might have five shirts and five pants; I might have two or even one uniform. But when we dress you and I are wearing the same thing 8:30 to 2:45 and that is one less thing to take out of the volatile pot called school environment.

To the parents, keep out the people class rooms, your time for learning at that level is gone. There is a process if you and your child or children are aggrieved — follow it.

That is that for now.

Let us lift before our heavenly Father all children entering or re-entering our nurseries, both government and privately owned. Let us pray for their protection and that they receive paramount care. Let us pray for all supervisors and aunties that they give of their best in caring for and preparing the little ones entrusted to them for the next stage of learning.

Let us pray for all children attending our primary schools. Those going for the first time — be with them to guard, guide and protect them. For their parents, drive away from them any spirits of fear, anxiety and despair and instil in them a spirit of confidence, faith, hope and love.

Let us pray especially for the principals, senior teachers, teachers and ancillary staff of our primary schools; that they may be aware that teaching is not just a job but an opportunity for them to hold in their hands, set the foundation and shape our future.

With special intent let us remember the disabled within our educational system. Let us pray that they will have a learning experience free from abuse and exploitation where they may feel less than human; but rather one which encourages and propels them to be the best and to always give of their best. For the teacher under whose guidance they will fall, give them patience.

For our secondary schools, let us pray to God that our children will see them as places of learning — not catwalks, stomping grounds, market places or blocks. Grant them the wisdom to take the opportunities prepared for them and not squander the privileges given to them which are the fruits of someone else’s sacrifices. We pray that you transform our secondary schools and guard them against those who would have them be places to engage in promiscuous activity, gambling and peddling illegal drugs.

For our teachers, guard, guide, strengthen and protect them from the snares of all wickedness, grant the ability to impart that power which is knowledge. For the principals, give them the foresight to create calm and conducive working and learning environments.

For our tertiary institutions, staff and students. Let us pray that they will keep their eyes on the task at hand and not be side-tracked or distracted by external forces. Help them no to be bogged down with disappointments of the past, or worried and anxious about the prospects of the future but wise enough to give of their best in this present time.

I ask your prayers also for the Minister of Education, the Chief Education Officer and the staff at the Ministry of Education.

Continue to pour out your blessings on all who teach and all who learn and make them mindful that the fear of the Lord is the beginning or all knowledge. Amen.

Have a great school term.

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