Miss Big & Beautiful Competition: Leandra Rowe

bigandbeautifule2013leandraAge: 20

Hobbies: Socialising and Reading

Q1. Why did you enter the Miss Big & Beautiful Competition?

A1. I entered this competition because I believe that I would be a great example to all full figured women because I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin. I always wanted to look like someone else but what I have realised is that beauty comes from within. I am not saying I am perfect but I believe I have a beautiful inside and I know I can show the world that BIG is much more than a few extra pounds and skin and it’s a very beautiful thing once you believe in it and have the confidence.

Q2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A2. I see myself in five years hopefully in my own a child care facility or maybe a nursery because I love children and I would like to start building a strong foundation some day and owning a dream house that my mother always talks about so she can finally relax and wouldn’t have to worry too much about the same thing over and over again.

Q3. What advice would you give full figured divas who may be interested in entering the Miss Big & Beautiful Competition?

A3.I would advise any full figured lady here in Barbados to go for it because it a journey that will never be forgotten and although mine is not over as yet it brought me together with nine beautiful ladies, an awesome organisation and a director who puts her everything into it and I respect her for that, because she was doing it for 10 years and it’s not easy. Once you enter this competition you must bring your all. It is a journey that would change your life and make you see life in a whole different ways so I would say go for it and don’t let this great opportunity miss you.

Q4. What would you say to persons who believe the Miss Big & Beautiful Organisation encourages obesity and unhealthy living?

A4.To the persons who believe that the Miss Big & Beautiful pageant encourages obesity and unhealthiness, [I say] that is total nonsense. From the time I entered this competition; boot camp session, fun walks and hikes which was more than I can handle, were things that were mandatory. It is a full figured pageant but there are boundaries just because you’re big and this is a big pageant doesn’t mean you come and relax yourself. It is hard work and tears are shed but courage and confidence is built.

Q5. How has the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant impacted on your life?

A5.The Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant has given me confidence that I didn’t have before. It has made me bold and not afraid to conquer this place we call earth. It has made me a stronger young lady while letting me know to always put my best foot forward and always keep my head up high; have a strong back bone and always bring my A game.

It will break you but build you back up bigger and better and I am really glad that I took that first step to enter this pageant because it made me the person I was destined to be but couldn’t get out. If I had to do it all over again I definitely would because this an opportunity that is better than ice cream and sweeter than chocolate cake.

Q6. Who would you say is your role model and why?

A6.This may seem sentimental but my mother is my role model not just because she gave me life but because she is the person who stands by me throughout my 20 years on this earth. I never had a father figure in my life and she had to play the role of both. I am the woman I am because of her and I hope that I can raise my children some day like how she raised hers.

Q7. You have won the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant. How would you use your reign to help uplift and encourage full figured women with low self esteem?

A7. If I was to become Miss Big and Beautiful 2013 I would try my best to bring out more full size ladies and show them that it’s okay to be heavier than most girls with a bus ride once a year that cater to plump and pretty ladies who don’t believe in themselves, or a fun walk, maybe even a cruise so they could come out and show off their own fashion and style.

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