Cops make discovery of huge ganga ‘trees’ in early morning Pot House raid

by Emmanuel Joseph

nowweknowwhyitiscalledpothouseThe island-wide drug eradication campaign embarked on by security forces in Barbados, seems to be paying major dividends.

In their latest discovery, the Drug Squad yesterday raided a quarter-acre farm in a remote area of Pot House, St. John and uprooted more than 1,000 of the tallest ever mature cannabis plants found here.

Describing them as trees and not plants, head of the Drug Squad, Superintendent Grafton Phillips, told Barbados TODAY this morning the find was, in some cases, taller than fully grown sugar cane plants.

The exact number of trees seized was 1,343, ranging in height from 15 feet to 18 feet and hidden in a heavily wooded location. However, police said the task was not an easy one, as it took the joint forces of the Drug Squad and the Barbados Defence Force more than eight and a half hours to complete the operation.

Police attributed this to the sizes of the trees, the difficulty of the terrain and the extent of the area under cultivation. The Royal Barbados Police Force has pledged to maintain vigilance, considering that the cultivation of cannabis was on the rise, he added.

“We are seeing many people continuing their efforts to plant drugs all over the island in the most remote areas,” observed Phillips.

He said there has been a big jump in the number of seizures of cannabis plants so far this year, when compared to the year before.

“For last year, we seized 21,030 plants and this year, we have seized 23,849 so far. So you see there is a big jump, and you have another quarter of the year to go,” the Drug Squad head disclosed.

“We are not finding as many (plants) in cane fields as before,” he added, pointing out that members of the force had not been able to charge many people for cultivating cannabis in the remote areas, either because they do not remain on location or they return after police have left.

Phillips said that most of those arrested were either unemployed or average wage earners. He said, too, that while a few females were arrested for cultivating “small” amounts in their yards or residences, most held were men who grew the plants on a larger scale in remote locations.

“Not only young people are charged for cultivation, but men in their 50s as well. Up to this week, we charged a 57 year old man,” he pointed out.

As far as drugs landings along the coastline were concerned, the police superintendent informed this paper that there had been a lull.

“At the moment there is a lull in that. Maybe it is due to the sea conditions,” he suggested. “We are seeing small amounts coming through the courier services and postal services. As far as the port is concerned, we have put measures in place and we have not had many seizures recently. The measures seem to be working or people are finding other means.”

Police are appealing to members of the public to assist the force to break the back of the local and imported drugs trade, including the provision of information on the cultivation of plants.

4 Responses to Cops make discovery of huge ganga ‘trees’ in early morning Pot House raid

  1. farmerfitch September 5, 2013 at 3:00 am

    i grew up and went to school near that village and it is my unlearned advice that it is time to chang the name of that district from “POT HOUSE”to a more unherbish name like “CLIFF VIEW”
    just a thought

  2. reallynow September 5, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Ok yes the police seem to be doing an amazing job of eradicating the marijuana plants in Bim but as I see it marijuana never ruined a person’s life it’s as harmful as the rum we drink and export legally it has even been proven to have medicinal properties. Why can’t the police do something about the crack cocaine problem this island has ?! Crack is a much bigger problem than marijuana it takes everything from the person using it and destroys families yet you never hear anything about the police doing anything about all the drug holes in this island who sell it on a daily bases. Why is this !? I would like to see just as much energy spent on eradicating crack cocaine as the police spend on eradicating marijuana.

  3. Kishmar September 6, 2013 at 7:37 am


    I have personally seen marijuana ruin the lives of many young men and women who had ambition or at least some hope of a productive life. However, after they started smoking marijuana and liming on the block, they have sadly “fallen by the wayside”.

    The “drug” itself may not be the problem but the lifestyle it encourages is one of worthlessness and laziness. Marijuana use is largely a part of this “ghetto identity” which I believe is causing serious problems in our society. We are losing too many young men with capable bodies and minds to drug abuse.

    We may claim there is no work for the young men is this island, however, I believe that if they were not on the block smoking and wasting time they could actively engage in some wholesome activity to pull the selves and their families out of the “ghetto”.

    Our young people are being trapped by the popularization and glorification of this “ghetto” culture, which offers nothing but hardship. Marijuana is one of the major factors in this “ghetto culture” and is ruining the minds of otherwise capable individuals.
    Let us stop glorifying this drug for its medicinal properties and see it for what it is; a highly addictive drug.

    In my 25 years on this earth I have seen Marijuana use contribute to: Crime (in numerous forms) Teenage Pregnancy and young men failing to perform in Secondary School or dropping out all-together.

    For the few medically proven properties it has, is marijuana worth all the other problems?

  4. Peanut September 6, 2013 at 9:39 am

    Cannabis is actually far less harmful than alcohol.
    But in this country we have a cultural and generational bias toward alcohol. Crack becomes a problem for the abuser but a drunk driver is a hazard for anybody in the vicinity of a public road. When last was someone arrested for driving while intoxicated? The hypocrisy really is outstanding.


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