Bajan Syrian concerned

Syria born Taan Abed is concerned about the safety of his relatives in his homeland.

The former independent candidate in the February 21, 2013 general elections told Barbados TODAY that he is concerned about the safety of his 89-year-old mother, his three brothers and a sister who still reside in the Western Asia country which, borders Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel.

“I follow the news about Syrian affairs and I maintain that if the US carries out its threat of invading Syria to remove Bash al-Assad, it would be supporting the Al-Qaeda,” he said.

Abed, who has been living in Barbados for more than 30 years and was recently visited by his mother, argued that Assad is a good leader and offers protection to Christians and Jews resident in Syria.

He maintains that Assad has never used chemical weapons against his people, but accused members of the Al-Qaeda movement of using them on the Syrian people. He was also critical of the comments attributed to United States Secretary

of State, John Kerry, and former Republican presidential candidate John McCain, describing them as warmongers who had served in the armed forces of the US.

“Both of them are old men who served in the war and should be thinking about committing their lives to God instead of attempting to drag the US into a war,” he added.

While conceding that President Barack Obama was basically a decent man, Abed argued that the American political system was spreading propaganda against the Assad administration. Abed questioned America’s commitment to the democratic process while expressing an interest in supporting the rebels who have been infiltrated by members of Al-Qaeda.

Abed, who ran as an independent candidate in the Christ Church West constituency accused Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia of financing the Al-Queda movement in Syria. (NC)

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