Bajan food series coming

hassanandrotchellFrom the creators of the hit television show, Keeping Up With The Joneses, comes a new Barbadian food series Restaurant Explorers.

Rommel Hall, Managing Director of Hall-e-Wood Productions, the company which produced the show along with Fresh Productions told Barbados TODAY that viewers were in store for a refreshing and dynamic show.

The show will capture hosts Rotchell Gibbons and Hassan Gibson as they visit various food establishments, interact with the chefs who then demonstrate how their signature dishes were made and interview patrons to get their opinions on the food in the establishment.

Another element of Restaurant Explorers would showcase various hotel restaurants. There they would also observe the preparation of signature dishes, however, after the hosts are then taken on a guided tour of the hotel to view the other amenities the hotel had to offer. Though the concept of a television show exploring restaurants is not a new format, he explained that

this one would have a Barbadian twist. It will be launched online on September 7, and so far it has received

favourable responses and there was a likelihood the planned 10 episodes would be increased. He said calls have been coming from persons not only in Barbados but throughout the Caribbean who have interest in the show highlighting their establishments.

”Restaurant Explorers will bring different food establishments and hotels to the viewing public. The viewers will be treated to an entertaining package in which they get first hand insight into the preparation of various dishes and the different vacation packages offered. This will make viewers more aware of the many dining options available to them as well as increasing the customer base of the different establishments due to added publicity.

”The show will highlight three types of eateries, Hall said: road side vending, in-house restaurants and restaurants in hotels.

”We believe that this show has the potential to be successful through its entertaining format and interesting subject matter. We also believe that it will have a high export value which will expose the world to Caribbean culture,” he added.

Hall also said that the online version of Keeping up with the Joneses will be launched on Saturday.

“This move was made because of the overwhelming demand for the series in other countries and the resulting difficulties in getting the program

broadcast there. If Netflix, iTunes and YouTube has taught us anything, it is that video-on-demand is the way to go. The series will restart from episode one of season one with a ‘different’ episode being released weekly. This will continue down to the end of season two and will lead into season three which has been labeled KUWTJ 3.0.

“This third season will consist of approximately 10 brand new episodes, also to be released weekly. Keeping up with the Joneses online can be viewed at http:// or through it’s Facebook page https://www.,” he said.

Episodes of Restaurant Explorers can be viewed at https://www.facebook. com/RestaurantExplorers. (KC)

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