Spending with sense

So it’s back-to-school time and parents and guardians are out doing their shopping to get their charges looking nice and smart for the start of classes.

These children expect everything new, and the fact of the matter is that they don’t really think much about how their parents will get it. A lot of parents are unemployed these days and finding that budget to cover those needed uniforms and books etc is not an easy task.

I remember when it was my turn to get uniforms along with my sisters. It was just my mother and no one else. I was a fussy and rather selective child and would try to tell my mother the shoes I wanted and the size shirt I wanted. I could ask as much as I liked as long as it fitted my mother’s budget.

There were times I asked for some fancy shoes that never lasted, and my mother never let me forget, so I had to take what she bought at times. The days when I was not allowed to go to town with her I had to have my foot measured with a piece of stick from the coconut tree branch and accept the shoes brought back.

I don’t think that happens now, so expect to see many moms with children giving them stress in the shops. The City will be a hive of activity and rather miserable for some as they try to go about their business.

What is becoming a norm these days are children requesting the expensive name brands. Clarks come to mind rather easily. Everyone can’t afford them and therefore should not have their minds set on them, but some parents bend over backwards so their children can be in fashion and look better than the next child.

But what happens when they are not given these fancy expensive foot wear?

I can’t forget the back packs either, such as North Face. Children got these back packs costing almost $300 to take to school and some were faced with theft and even being bullied for the bags. Does it make sense spending all that money that you will wish you didn’t later on?

The question is to do with spending with sense and not just to impress the next person. Many of us are guilty of doing such. There are also the ones who claim they cannot afford to get the children their school items but are guilty of getting new weaves, nails and tattoos.

I must also mention that they were also seen at every event during Crop-Over in VIP section, and had a blast on the road for Kadooment in their expensive costume. Only after all that is over and money is gone do they remember “back to school”.

I believe we all as parents want the best, and nothing less, for our children, but there must be some brakes applied to the unnecessary spending on items that are not totally necessary. Seeing you come lamenting about the high cost of living and how hard it is for you these days while wearing your Remy weave and fresh tattoos and nails will not buy my empathy.

The same sentiment goes for those who purchase the big name brands for the children and later can’t give them the petty fees or lunch money. You need to make the right choices that will benefit you and your child in the long run. They are going to school and not to a fashion show.

The most expensive shoes and bags will not determine which child learns better. Sad to say, but a good percentage of such children are usually the trouble makers or the ones who don’t care to do much in class.

Parents, I trust that you will all continue to do your best to provide what is needed for your children, but please do it with some thought. Fathers you are being called upon to be supportive. I trust mothers will have some understanding and realise that men are out of work too and do have other responsibilities, and the duties of providing for a child is supposed to be shared and not just on the hands of one individual parent.

I do hope things can be sorted between you both and work towards that goal. I know it will not be easy for many out there, but life must go on.

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