Campers turn trash into treasure

summerfunartdisaplayjewelerySome of the art and craft created by campers from the national summer camps over the six weeks were put on display yesterday at Sky Mall in Haggatt Hall, St. Michael and Minister of Sports, Youth and Culture, Stephen Lashley said he was very pleased with it.

Speaking to the media after viewing the displays, Lashley said he was impressed with what he saw, since most of the art was made from recyclable material.

“This tells us that rather than send our garbage to the landfill, that we can actually transform it into very beautiful artefacts… I am very pleased with what I have seen this morning,” the minister stated.

“I did tour some of the camps and saw the campers busy at work and what you see this morning is as a result of that time and skill. We do have a lot of talent among our young people and guided, of course, by the camp counsellors they have been able to produce some really fine products. I believe we will now look to see how we can harness that talent.”

summerfunartdisaplaybutterflyLashley also noted that the camps focussed a lot of attention on creativity and specifically over the past three years specialist camps, which nurtured concepts such as Science and Technology as well as entrepreneurship were introduced to promote this. And added he believed that with the “expertise” within the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation they could transform a number of the creations resulting from the camps into something more than just a display.

“It is good to see that at the end of a six week camp we can see what our young people have done. They are not only busy at play but you can see that they have been very hard at work taking in all that was required to produce these items and we are very proud to display the outcome of that.

“What you have been seeing is a very small bit of what was done, in addition to what you see here we have also helped in the technical and vocational area. We use those areas to excite our young

people to becoming much more innovative and moving beyond just the creativity in the classroom into looking at products and services that can be marketed in Barbados and beyond,” said Lashley. (KC)

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