Building a world for girls

From Bolivia to the Philippines WAGGGS Post-2015 Ambassadors are taking action to help build a better world.

Whether raising awareness on post-2015 development agenda in their region, meeting with high level decision makers, organising campaigns or promoting MY World survey, the aim is the same — Creating the World We Want for Girls and for all of us.

It is impossible to list here all the great efforts Ambassadors are undertaking. In Bolivia, Mirna participated in the National MDG Review Summit with Bolivian Girl Guides Association being the only organisation representing children and youth in the meeting.

In Kenya, Yvonne and Beatrice helped to develop the Kenyan Youth position on the Post 2015 Development Agenda. In Australia, Erin has been instrumental in launching the World We Want for Girls campaign and petition to the Australian government.

Michelle and Hilary, our Ambassadors from the Philippines and Canada, who are responsible for policy engagement, have been engaging in key policy discussions and contributing their input to key reports produced to influence the post-2015 development agenda.

And Pippa from the UK has not only been driving the efforts in her country but also supporting other Ambassadors with the online engagement and highlighting and promoting their achievements worldwide.

Our Ambassadors have also been instrumental in driving thousands of votes to MY World survey from Girl Guides and Girls Scouts from all over the world. MY World is a global survey launched by the United Nations and partners, asking people from all over the world to choose their priorities for a better world.

Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda after the MDGs. One of the listed priorities for a future global agenda is “Equality between Men and Women”. Currently, although the ranking of “Equality between men and women” is higher for women than for men, overall it features very low as a priority.

As the leading organisation for girls and young women in the world, we urge everyone in our global movement to participate in the survey and state “Equality between men and women” loud and clear as an urgent priority. Our Ambassadors surely help to change this.

In Slovenia, Petra single-handedly managed to rally around 100 votes in only two days. In the Philippines hundreds of girls voted in camps and events where laptops were set up to record their votes.

Edith from Nigeria has been working hard to promote MY World in her country, while Mirna and Girl Guides from Bolivia have collected 120 offline votes for MY World Survey during the local fair of the La Paz municipality to ensure even those who do not have access to the Internet can have their say.

From Brazil to France, votes have been collected through social media promotion. In Madagascar, where the overall number of votes is very limited, Girl Scouts have contributed to 30 percent of the total votes in the country. Tsinjo from Madagascar also translated MY World survey options into Malagasy and set up a Facebook page promoting the survey in Malagasy to ensure that people who don’t know French can still share their priorities.

In Kenya, young leaders have partnered with the Organisation of African Youth-Kenya in a project called Text for Change where Young people in Kenya are voting by sending text with the word POST2015.

You can also see Rwandan Girl Guides featured alongside the UN Secretary General’s in the UN video: Global conversation on the Post-2015.

From Canada to Tunisia, Ambassadors also held focus groups discussions to find out the priorities of girls and young women for the future development agenda.

You too can get engaged in the discussion and development of the next global development agenda.

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