Digicel spreading joy to customers with new prepaid plan

Launch of Digicel ‘s new promotion.

Digicel is treating its customers to a fresh smile.

The new Digicel promotion will give every Digicel prepaid customer something to really smile about once they top up as specified in the promotion, with each letter of the word providing a clue to what service is highlighted and what freeness is available for customers.

“The free SMS (S) is for people who love to text, the free Magic (M) Number calls is for those who want to spend more time talking to that special person, the free International (I) calls allow you to call your friends and family overseas, and the free Local (L) calls allow you call other Digicel customers in Barbados while the free Extra (E) Credit can be used for any Digicel product or service; with this new promotion Digicel customers will certainly have lots to smile about.” the company said in a statement.

Commercial Director of Digicel, Alex Tasker, indicated that this new promotion takes Digicel’s value offerings to a new level.

“At Digicel we love to engage and excite our customers and this new promotion will surely do that with the aim of not only giving more value to our customers but also putting a smile on their faces as they can now spend more time talking and texting with their friends and family — each customer has the power to choose how they will enjoy it, whether with that special someone or with their family and friends,” he added.

For each prescribed Top Up value, the customer receives an instant reward to be spent in a 24-hour period. The benefit attached to each letter in the Digicel SMILE promotion is as follows:

S – SMS – Digicel customers get 10 FREE Text Messages when they top up from $10 to $14.99.

M – Magic Number – Digicel customers get $15 FREE credit for calls to one magic number of their choice when they top up from $15 to $19.99.

I – International – Digicel customers get $20 FREE credit for local or International Magic Number Calls when they top up from $20 to $24.99 (calls can be made to UK fixed lines, USA, Canada, USVI and Puerto Rico).

L – Local Calls – Digicel customers get $25 FREE credit for making Local Calls to all their Digicel friends and family when they top up from $25 to $29.99.

E – Extra Credit – Digicel customers get 10 percent free Credit when they top up $30 or more to make calls, send SMS, activate Internet service and more.

To be eligible for the SMILE promotion, customers must dial *137# before topping up their account — customers only need to opt in once. Once eligible, customers will have a period of 24 hours after topping up to utilize the freeness from the offer.

This promotion became active on August 30, 2013 and upon opting in, the customer will receive a prompt to alert them that they are now eligible for the SMILE promotion. Access to the SMILE promotion is only available upon the first Top Up of the day.

“When it comes to innovation, Digicel has always led the way, and this is another exciting promotion that is designed to keep our customers smiling,” Tasker added.

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  1. David September 7, 2013 at 8:25 am

    Still grossly overpriced compared to the UK: http://www.three.co.uk has for £18 per month ($54bdos) 2000mins, 5000 texts and unlimited data, for a minimum of a 1 month plan, or for true prepay 3p (9c)/min, 2p (6c)/text and 1p (3c)/mB. Telecoms in Barbados are at truly rip off levels.


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