Cat has Stuart’s tongue . . .

Our Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart, said that he would talk to the people of this country more often!

When is the last time he has done so?

His silence is deafening on the nefarious, covert attack on them, and their freedom of speech/ expression by someone in the Government through his/her requesting info from Facebook about three of its citizens!

CBC’s deafening silence on this issue is also noteworthy, as the newspapers, including one from Jamaica, reported on this attack on August 28, 2013, and today it is September 1, 2013 without a single word about it from our lone television station!

Someone has muzzled that institution, and one must ask: Who and why?

Who is afraid of such news being disseminated further?

Whoever it is knows that Barbadians love to watch the CBC Evening News — if no other programme!

But the information will come out some time!

This topic will not simply blow away!

— Anthony Davis

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