Every dog has his day

The old people used to say every dog does have his day, and today is mine. I don’t mean to gloat, but I can’t help smiling.

You see there was this girl I was crazy about. We were friends from school days, at least I though we were friends, until one day she told a friend of ours she could never want a man like me. How I was black and ugly and greasy and she only hang around because I always have money.

When I heard it I was really hurt, but I told her I did not believe she would say something like that I she said yes, that she has a good looking man that every other woman would want and she would never think of giving him up for me, that pretty women don’t go into public with men like me.

I almost died inside, not because she did not want me, but because of how cold and hurtful she was. I did not think we were in a relationship, but I thought she was a friend and that at some time if all went well we would become more than just friends.

But guess what. She lost her job, the sweet, pretty man left she holding a child and her parents put her out because she used to treat everybody in the house the same way she treated me. She put all her hopes and dreams on the sweet man and get hurt.

Now she is telling me she is sorry and that I was always a kind person and she did not realise it and she would like to give me a chance. What she wants to give me is a chance to do is let her put her hands in my pocket, but there is not a chance in hell of that. I don’t even want to see her name on paper.

And I don’t plan to ask you if I am right to do that because no matter what you say I don’t want nothing to do with her.

My Time

Since Yuh Asked, MT, I would just caution you against being as cold and unkind as she was to you. You can stand firm in you position that you do not want a relationship with her, but you can be kind about it.

Clearly she is a person of questionable character and it is hardly likely that she would have changed her spots — although it is possible. I agree you should keep you distance, relationship wise, but never waste an opportunity to help someone when he or she is down, because doing good always brings good in the long run.

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