Day of tragedy

Comforting a grieving family member.
Comforting a grieving family member.

Tears flowed from relatives and expressions of sorrow echoed quietly among neigbours within 1st Avenue, Grazettes, St. Michael, in response to the apparent suicide of a teen mother earlier today.

Reports revealed that 18 year old Shavonne Alicia Daveda King, was discovered hanging in the pathway of the home she shared with her mother and brothers. King, whose baby was five months old yesterday, was said to have been found by the godmother of the infant, Kadira Layne.

It is understood that King had been complaining of being depressed, even though a close family associate told Barbados TODAY she was at their home yesterday having fun and in high spirits.

The grief-stricken faces of residents from the community told the story of a young woman who was seemingly well loved. This was the second suicide within the past two weeks. Today, however appeared to have been a particularly tragic day.

At Silver Sands, Christ Church, a 26 year man was reportedly stabbed to death following a dispute with another man. Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch said Terrell Alleyne died on the spot where the incident occurred at the corner of Bourne’s Land and Hopewell Road in the same parish. Up to the time of publication, no suspects had been held.

The body of Shavonne King being removed from her home.
The body of Shavonne King being removed from her home.

In the earlier hours of this morning, the body of a man was discovered at the junction of Yorkshire and Lower Greys. Police said the man was in his 30s or early 40s, about 5’10”, of medium build, dark complexion with a low hair cut. The dead man also has a large nose and short unkempt beard.

Investigations into the circumstances of this, and the other cases are continuing.

In yet another incident, reports are that a woman was found on the beach between Amaryllis Beach Resort and Savannah, Christ Church with her wrist cut. This newspaper understands the woman, in her late 30s, did not seem to know her identity, when approached by a man on the beach.

On discovering the wound on the woman’s wrist, the man reportedly called for help and she was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. (EJ)

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