No overtime pay for police officers

Members of the Royal Barbados Police Force will continue to do something they have grown accustomed to — work overtime.

But once again, they will have to endure what prior to about a decade ago they had to accept — work that extra time without remuneration.

That’s because Government has with immediate effect cut all payments for overtime and extra duties performed by police officers, commonly referred to among the rank and file as “flexie allowance”.

The incentive pay for members of the Royal Barbados Police Force was introduced by the then Owen Arthur Administration more than ten years ago in response to agitation from the Police Association over what it deemed inadequate salaries for its members who were often called upon to work beyond the call of duty without the commensurate monetary reward. The extra pay mainly targeted the ranks of constable and sergeant, the largest core group in the RBPF.

Although there were no salary increases, Government introduced a system where members of the force could work extra hours on their days-off or after regular duties. A pay regimen was applied where constables were paid $24 per hour and sergeants $26 with the stipulation that only five-hours per day would be paid for.

The termination of the allowance payments is all part of the Freundel Stuart Administration’s budget cuts across all government and statutory departments where the Ministry of Finance is attempting to make a $436 million fiscal adjustment. (WG)

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  1. IVAN.D. TERIBLE August 30, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    That’s pure B.S Police need to renegotiate theirs contracts a.s.a.p, & bring this madness to an end let Government’s in other countries run that hogwash to their Police Departments, look @ Detroit, good luck getting Police to respond to anything now that the city is broke ….


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