Hope for jobs in Jamaica

regionaljacrowdKINGSTON — Amid a recent increase in unemployment in the country, capital projects such as the logistics hub and agro-parks, remain the government’s main hope for providing jobs for Jamaicans.

Labour Minister Derrick Kellier says these projects will bring significant jobs for Jamaicans.

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica released data recently indicating that the unemployment rate rose to 16.3 per cent in April this year, up almost two percentage points over last year.

The figures also highlight that unemployment among youth, aged 14 to 24 years, rose to 38.5 per cent in April, up from 34.1 per cent in April last year.

Kellier said in addition to the capital projects the government is also confident that with Jamaica passing its first International Monetary Fund test business owners will be encouraged to expand which will see an increased demand for labour.

He said he expects to see a rise in employment when phase three of the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme is rolled out later this year.

The labour minister further stated he expected an expansion in the overseas employment programmes which will open up job opportunities for Jamaicans.

Kellier said these initiatives will be supported by a thrust to increase productivity. (Gleaner)

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