Drivers caught off guard

Cops and MTW inspectors on the jobs today.
Cops and MTW inspectors on the jobs today.

There was more than the usual grid lock in the Warrens, St. Michael area for several hours this morning, as police officers and inspectors from the Barbados Licensing Authority of the Ministry of Transport and Works conducted a series of spot checks of motorists.

As the long back up of vehicles crawled at snail’s pace during the height of morning rush period, the police and inspectors who stood along the Jackson Road near the Baobab Towers, carried out checks for unpaid road taxes, insurance and to ensure vehicles were road worthy.

Officials of the Licensing Authority told Barbados TODAY a number of drivers were caught in the net and pulled off the road in relation to their road taxes and insurance. They warned that the programme would continue as required.

The joint operation was initiated by the Royal Barbados Police Force, which requested the assistance of the authority’s personnel. (EJ)

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