DaCosta Mannings Retail store at Warrens to reopen in time for Christmas

The DaCosta Mannings Retail store at Warrens, which is relocating to the nearby Super Centre complex, will reopen as part of the integrated operations for Christmas.

Executive Director of Retail, Paul Rowe, reported this morning: “We are about to embark on another phase of our retail plan, which is the first integrated store with non-food and food, which is Super Centre and DaCosta Mannings, which, actually the construction is out there working.”

Rowe described the move as major for DMR going into the Christmas season.

“A new store, a new format inside of the Super Centre store; it’s going to be really beautiful,” the CEO informed. “You’ll hear some more about that coming up, but we are going to be doing some really exciting things for Christmas.

“As well too, of course, we have the normal new product lines up coming [including] furniture. There’ll be some other things we’ll be doing… I can’t let too much out the bag because we don’t want our competitors to know what we are doing, but for sure, we are very creative, we have a very creative marketing team, and you’ll be seeing some different things coming out at Christmas.”

Rowe suggested that the company would do what it had to do in the face of the difficult economic circumstances.

“So for sure, it would be different, it wouldn’t be business as usual as we go into the Christmas period,” he announced.

The business executive gave the assurance that DaCosta Mannings Retail Limited would be operating from new premises in the Super Centre complex for Christmas, adding that more would be revealed in the next two weeks.

The integration of the DaCosta Mannings’ retail business into the Super Centre food outlet is all part of an overall reform of the Barbados Shipping & Trading operations in Barbados, ordered by its Trinidad and Tobago Neal & Massy parent company. (EJ)

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