Youth at wesleyan camp urged to live Jesus all day, everday

wesleyancampraiseWesleyan youth attending the Eastern Caribbean Bible Camp at Ruby, St. Philip, were encouraged to Live Jesus 24/7 .

Camp Director, Imran Richards, told Barbados TODAY that the approximately 90 young Wesleyans who attended the camp which ran from August 18-24 received instructions in sexuality, financing and management of money, the effects of tattoos and piercing and how far is too far.

Reverend Beverley Pinder, who was one of the counsellors, addressd the issue of leadership at a time when most of today’s youth seem to have no philosophical moorings.

Roger Husbands addressed the issue of sexuality and spoke on homosexuality and the effect that it is having on this generation. He called on the young people to maintain the moral standards and encouraged them not to be judgemental of homosexuals, but to be a conduit of love while standing up for truth.

Pastor Sam Moseley spoke about the importance of budgeting, investment and retirement. He gave the young people lots of advice on how to curb spending to ensure that they are saving money and also educated them on the different types of investment instruments such as saving bonds and debentures.

Richards told Barbados TODAY there were four nightly speakers, including himself, who spoke on the topic Living Jesus 24/7 and they included Reverend Virgil Parris, Reverend Carlos Brathwaite, and Reverend Paul Watson.

The director pointed out that 20 Wesleyan Holiness churches participated in the camp and every evening there were keep fit sessions which lasted 30 minutes.

He further told Barbados TODAY that the stronger members of the camp were engaged in pulling around tractor tyres.

Richards said the young people of the church responded

very positively to the lecture sessions and it has encouraged him personally that all of the young people of Barbados are not lost, but God has a remnant that he has set aside for himself.

“We wanted to equip young people to live above the present, by reflecting the character of Jesus in every phase of their lives”, he said. (NC)

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