Young R&B singer ready to hit the international music scene

by Donna Sealy

Photo by Jaryd Niles-Morrby Donna Sealy

Javy Porte is ready to do big things and go places.

Describing himself as passionate, high-spirited, fun, out-going, and energetic, the 23-year-old private chef is ready to hang up his apron, and head to Los Angeles and New York to further his budding musical career.

In an interview with Bajan Vibes at its Warrens, St. Michael offices, he shared his journey, his plans for the future and his inspiration for starting down his musical path.

While Javeir started singing from the age of five, yes seriously, it was two years ago at Rihanna’s LOUD concert at Kensington Oval that the light bulb was turned on.

“My dad, André Grosvenor was the lead singer of Caribbean Rhythms and that’s what started me singing but I only took it up seriously after I went to [the concert]. I said wow, if she can do it I knew I could. By that I mean just taking that step forward and not being fearful or scared of actually being out there.

“I got a vocal coach, Marisa Lindsay, she knew my dad and she was a little surprised. I kept on having lessons and practising a lot and then I picked up the guitar. I started recording and some friends of mine were interested in what I was doing and we made a plan to take a step forward and they pushed me in the area I’m going in now,”

Most of his song titles to date sound like baby making music such as his recently released single Put It On Me, Body Language which is being worked on and you can look out for I’ll Be There. There’s an interesting story behind that one and you can ask him about it when you see him.

“I’ve released my debut single to audiences around the globe and so far the response has been good and we’re looking to see how people react to my music and hopefully it can inspire other underprivileged individuals to take a step forward and do what they want whether it’s music, whatever it might be.

“I co-wrote it with a group called Sky Movement who also produced the record. It is a company that Philip Forrester is involved with. I went to him and discussed what I wanted to do, he said okay just come and they worked with me and we’ve been recording a couple songs so far. … There’re a lot of different vibes to Javy. I’m stereotyped a lot and I don’t know why,” he said innocently before breaking into a smile.

Dressed casually in a grey tee-shirt, blue jeans, and construction boots, he shared that he loves to chill with his friends, hanging out at Accra Beach, listening to and making music, travelling and food.

Let’s rewind a bit and talk about what he did before he went to the 2011 concert.

After leaving Deighton Griffith Secondary School he went to the Hospitality Institute before getting the opportunity to work at Disney back in 2008.

“I was a chef at Disney for seven months. It was a great experience, one of the best times of my life. I met Mickey Mouse and Minnie too. I had to prepare meals in one or two of the fine dining restaurants and manage one or two stations. Everybody asks me what I like to cook but there’s not a specific thing that I like to do. I just love to challenge myself all the day It doesn’t matter if it’s savoury or sweet because the thing is I’m a private chef as well so I have to be versatile so I can’t say I prefer savoury or sweet. It would be more savoury if I had a choice, I love food,” he said his eyes shining brightly as he recalled the memories.

But that’s another story for another day.

His music means a lot to him and he has his mother’s support as he continues in their vein.

Pursuing his dream is very important to him.

“I didn’t want to live my life by what ifs. I got into a serious motorcycle accident in 2010. I was riding. I suffered a fractured ankle and it had me out for two and a half months. At that point, it just helped me to realise you’ve got to live life to the fullest, you don’t want to live with regrets, where you regret not doing something and I just said all these deep-seated emotions need to come to the forefront.

“The next year when I was a little better I was able to go to the Rihanna concert and I said ‘hey, you know what I’m going to do it’. At first my mum said ‘are you sure this is what you want to do but then she said ‘hey go for it if that’s what you want to do’. I have one or two links I would have made through Disney and I have some friends in the United States that are helping me to push my music. Also I met this guy that lives in LA and he’s also helping me put my name out there. I met him through a mutual friend, one of my friends from Montreal but when I met him I didn’t know he was into the music industry and he didn’t know that I was into singing.

“It was only when I reached out to him and said what’s going on I told him I had some new music coming out. He told me he had a talent management company there and he then said send him some stuff. I did and he liked it and he said he would help me get my name out there. That’s how it started to move forward. I’m happy to know that somebody else is interested because it’s one thing hearing yourself or people around you telling you, you have a product that’s good and somebody out there saying this product is pretty marketable, Javy said.

He’s also had some sound advice from Elle Varner whom he sang for when she was in Barbados.

“I actually had the privilege of being around her when she was here along with other actors like Wesley Jonathan, Lamman Rucker, Keith Robinson; I had the opportunity to meet them. We played guitar, I remember one night we were just chilling and I sang and she said I like your voice and I thought it weird. I said is she telling me lies cause she’s Elle Varner, she’s out there. We were talking and she gave me some really good advice. She was explaining one or two ins and outs of the industry and gearing me up for certain things,” he said

To listen to his music check him out on YouTube,, Reverbnation and if you’re interested follow him on Twitter javyporte or like his Facebook page.

He will also be featured in a couple of magazines soon.

“I just want my music to be heard. I want people to hear my music and be inspired … I’m doing a lot more writing, definitely sexy songs and hopefully later this year, I should be travelling to New York or LA. We’re looking at a CD. I want my music to be listened to by all generations and I want to be a household name, to be the next local super star … Anything is possible!” Javy said confidently.

So when he’s not cooking at a private villa or at the beach and yes ladies, he is single, you can find him at home listening to music from his eclectic collection which includes Rihanna of course, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Chris Browne, and Elle Varner.

“I’m really happy about everything. The response and feedback is really awesome. , I’m passionate about music, food and I like making people happy,” he said with a grin.

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