Take violence more seriously

Here it is again, another lady losing her life to domestic violence in less than six months.

This is so sad that the powers that be seem not to see the urgency in placing laws in place to combat this treatment towards women.

Something should have been done when that lady who lost her life so violently some months ago. Now you have yet another lady being stabbed to death with a bill fish beak in-front of other people. The sad thing to this situation is how can these things happen in public places and no one does anything to help that person?

I think it’s about time that the powers that be work in earnest in making the changes that are needed to combat this domestic violence. When is enough going to be enough before the changes that are need to combat this domestic violence will be dealt with? But it seems that in Barbados things runs at two speeds dead slow and stop unless it’s a party.

For any human-being to lose her life in such a manner is truly sad and brutal, and needs to be addressed without delay. All that seem to be done is talk and more talk.

One thing is for sure, if no capital punishment is being handed down on those who take the lives of women, or anyone for that matter in such a cold blooded manner. Then it’s going to just continue because they know that they are going to be placed in prison, and don’t mind being placed in prison, eating and drinking at the taxpayers’ expense. This isn’t going to cut it anymore. Like the book said, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.”

So if that man can take the life of a woman that easily without any remorse over his actions. Then that person’s life should be taken also.

If you don’t start giving women equal rights in this 21st Century in Barbados, you are only modern in buildings, but old fashion in thinking.

To all you men out there when a woman says no to you for what ever reason, or reasons, walk away. The life you take can never be replaced, and sorry isn’t going to cut it because your actions weren’t sorry in the first place. You wanted to cause that person serious harm. I have heard, and also heard, of men telling women, if I can’t have you then no one else will.

Women aren’t your’s to own, or to control. She’s not an animal. The funny thing is some men seem to take more pride in their cars, bikes or even animals over women.

To you the government, are you going to enforce the laws, or change the laws when it’s one of yours own being killed in such a manner?

Life should be enjoyed to the fullest without fear to even speak and express one’s feelings. And most men seem to think that women don’t have the rights to do so.

Women are the most precious gifts that the Most High has given us as men. Treasure them. Love them. Respect them. Remember that without them we wouldn’t be here either, or we would be able to have off spring.

Charles S. Cadogan

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  1. Dorothy Polk August 29, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Very good article by Mr. Cadogan It is obvious he has a passion about non-violence to women. Join him.


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