Legends come alive

animekon2013cosplaysamuraiThey were gargoyles, superheroes, villains, vixens and most of all “legends” at last weekend’s fourth installment of the AnimeKon Barbados Expo.

Brainchild of Omar Kennedy and Melissa Young, the now annual event, attended mostly by youngsters and young adults, came off at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre where hundreds came to partake and participate in the island’s growing pop culture, under the theme The Living Legends.

The fact that these fans and followers of pop culture get to dress up as their own stars is always an added attraction for AnimeKon, added to which many would have gotten the chance to talk to some of the “legends” of the genre itself, like famous costume designer and cosplay ambassador Yaya Han; fellow cosplay ambassador Jayem Sison and legendary comic creator Yale Stewart.

FROM LEFT: Judges Jayem Sison, Yaya Han and Yale Stewart.
FROM LEFT: Judges Jayem Sison, Yaya Han and Yale Stewart.

The three were the official judges of the much anticipated Wibisco Teatimes Cosplay Competition, which was preceded by a parade of those who were dressed to cosplay but did not enter the competition.

This year’s winner, who as it turned out was also the defending champion, was Josette James of Trinidad who play Demona from the Gargoyles cartoon, with Geisha – Keturah Collymore, placing second, and first time Trini cosplayer Richard Robinson in his Judge Dredd 2012 outfit placing third. (LB)

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