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‘Home drums’ should beat first

I would like to know whose bright idea it was to stop purchasing milk for the School Meals Department from the Pine Hill Dairy!

This is typical of some of the people running some departments in this country at present, but if the head is bad …

Where will the milk be purchased now? Should not home drums beat first? Are we not constantly being bombarded with the “Buy Bajan” slogan? I know that the dairy is no longer Barbadian, but the livelihoods of many Barbadians are

at stake here, and this shows nothing but callousness! Not only the dairy farmers will be put in a tenuous position, but also the personnel at

the PHD! This could also lead to a hike in dairy products which we will all have to pay! However, I guess that whoever is responsible for this situation does not have to worry

as he/she is being paid by the tax payers of this country – and I bet very handsomely, too – and he/she can go shopping without having to check the prices, or leave some items at the check out counter as many people are having to do during this harsh economic crisis!

It is high time that some of you who are being paid by the tax payers realise that it is your duty to serve them, and not to seek to drag them further into the mire!

-Anthony Davis

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