Creative campers

Campers and counsellors at the Arthur Smith School camp come together to take a group photo.

The students at the Government-run Camp Arthur Smith had a grand time over the last few weeks of summer.

The 195 plus campers , who where supervised by a team of 17 dedicated Camp Assistants led by Director Troy Arthur, were taught how to work with what they have.

At the end of the camp they produced a huge number of craft items which far out-weighed the supplies they had. The youngsters learned the art of recycling old items to create new and exciting materials.

Campers also had a Fun Day, a tour of the Garrison Historic Area and a day at King George V Memorial Park.

Arthur sang the praises of the young Camp Assistants who were creative and outside of the box thinkers.

Hats off to Team Arthur Smith for a job well done!

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