All about Simone in this year’s Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant

bajanvibesbigandbeautifulsimoneholderMiss Big & Beautiful Pageant will be celebrating the tenth edition this year.

Director Tonia Husbands is excited and said “celebrating ten years is a very big achievement.” Ten young ladies will grace the stage in five categories which include Introduction, Casual, Lingerie, Talent and Formal Wear and Question and Answer segment.”

The show comes off at the St. Leonard’s Boys’ School Auditorium on Sunday, October 27 at 6 p.m.

Starting today and continuing every week, we will bring you profiles of the contestants.

Simone Holder

Age: 25

Hobbies: Dancing and Partying

Q1: Why did you enter the Miss Big & Beautiful Competition?

A1: I always had a longing to enter a pageant. In my latter years at KOLIJ I thought about it, since I would help my friends who may have entered with their talent or to actually be a part of the entertainment package. In saying this I was comfortable with the performance aspect of the show but was intimidated by the other elements of pageantry, the make-up, the public speaking in front of persons and the idea that generally full figured (plus-sized) teenagers were not generally accepted or seen in pageants; it wasn’t the norm. Finally this year I made up in my mind to go for it, there was a pageant for women like me. I asked my close friends and they said they would support me whatever the decision. I took it on as a challenge for myself; it was time to put on my big girl boots (combats) and either make it as a big, beautiful woman or just be content in my combats.

Q2: Where do you see yourself in five (5) years?

A2: As I have just completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of West Indies, In five years I would like to be working in a capacity where I would be able to make a positive impact on customer service, (not necessarily specifically within the Hospitality sector as there is customer service involved in all areas/industries within Barbados) as well as to have started my journey to becoming ACCA qualified.

Q3: What advice would you give to other full-figured ladies who may be interested in entering the Miss Big & Beautiful Competition?

A3: I would encourage other full-figured ladies to enter the pageant but only if you are doing it for you, whether for fun, for a confidence boost, for developmental purposes or whatever your reason but it must be for you. I say this because the journey at times is difficult and if it is not something you really want to do for you, you may give up on something that can change your outlook on life.

Q4: What would you say to those persons who believe that the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant encourages obesity and unhealthy living?

A4: To those persons who believe this, they obviously are not following the competition. We are actually encouraged to be aware about certain things which may be unhealthy about what we are doing, this is being done through keeping a journal for reflection. Secondly, every contestant is encouraged to go to boot camp on Thursday of each week and during boot camp we are encouraged to do what we can do and in doing this we push each other to get into the best physical condition we can be in.

Q5: How has being in the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant impacted on your life?

A5: Being in the competition has had a positive impact on my life. I have been able to adapt to the different personalities of the contestants, and I must say we all get along and try to help each other however we can. It has also started to help me reveal a different side to Simone, more to be seen on the night of the show.

Q6: Who is your role model and Why?

A6: The actress/comedian Mo’Nique is my ultimate role model. I love her; she appears to be so upfront, she tells it like she means it and I LOVE that she makes sure she is heard regardless of her size which in this society sometimes is very hard when you are full-figured. She has lost weight recently but she is still full-figured and fabulous.

Q7: You have won the Miss Big and Beautiful Pageant, how would you use your reign to help uplift and encourage other full-figured women with low self esteem.

A7: Becoming the 10th Miss Big & Beautiful Queen, I would try to influence other full figure women to embrace who they are by using technology. I would try to continue with the same things which I would have experienced throughout the journey of the pageant such as boot camp and just show that even as a queen you will have off days but you have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into the game of life.

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