Residents complain about flooding problems in St. Michael

Workers at Hilton Barbados were pumping water from the carpark today.
Workers at Hilton Barbados were pumping water from the car park today.

With the rainy season upon us, last night’s heavy rain has left at least one St. Michael area under a foot of water.

Residents of 3rd Avenue, East Terrace Road, Wildey, St Michael awoke this morning to find their well paved road transformed into one large lake.

When a team from Barbados TODAY visited the area today, Marilyn Sarri, a resident of the area for the past three months said whenever it rained that section of the road floods.

She recalled that on one occasion the area flooded and it took personnel from the Ministry of Transport and Works four hours to drain off the water and complained that since it rained she has been unable to get out of her house because the water has reached as far as the entrance to her garage.

At least four other residents remained marooned in their homes until the water receded or personnel from the Fire Department or MTW come and pump it off.

Two residents who live east of the flooded area also complained that when it rained the area is transformed into a large pool of water and suggested that something should be done to correct the problem.

In areas of St. James, along the Ronald Mapp Highway, as well of low lying areas of St. Michael, motorists and businesses alike also had to contend with high levels of water from heavy rains. One car along Westmoreland found itself stuck trying to evade waters, while at Hilton Barbados workers were busy trying to pump water from the flooded car park.

Meanwhile, officials of the Meteorological Office told Barbados TODAY that weather conditions in the Eastern Caribbean will remain unsettled and that pattern is expected to continue throughout the rest of the week.

The Meteorological Office stressed that it does not mean that Barbados will get showers all of the time, but the possibility exists that there will be occasional showers.

The official went on to say that on average the island experienced two inches of rainfall between last night and this morning. (NC)

In Wildey residents found themselves rained out.
This car in Westmoreland along the Ronald Mapp Highway found itself caught precariously trying to avoid flood waters.


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