No way out

For many years I have been wishing and hoping that there will be a cure for deadly illnesses like cancer, AIDS, diabetes and other sure death diseases. I have witnessed them destroy many families and at no time at all was the journey easy for those looking in or those close to the deceased. We all know death will come but we are never prepared to deal with it. These days we are dying at younger ages and grandmothers and grandfathers are out living us by far. When you check the obituaries you can judge from the young men and women all under 40.

I don’t ever believe there will be a cure in my lifetime for any of these deadly illnesses, and not because no one is trying, but because it will not be financially viable for the makers of pharmaceuticals that are administered to such patients. These drugs are all part of the billion dollar industry within medicine, and to destroy it all with a cure wouldn’t be something the makers and suppliers would want to see happen. Empires will crumble fast if this had to happen. You see, it is not going to be cheap if a cure was found for cancer for everyone to pay for the cure, but most will manage paying for the drugs to keep them alive. A cure is just that and nothing more. A one time thing perhaps, unlike the act of medicating which could mean many years of popping pills and extended visits to the doctor . All that spells money and more money and lots of it.

So what can we do to avoid these illnesses and hence the huge medical bills? Again we go back to the findings of the scientists. They will tell us what we shouldn’t eat and drink and then when we convince our kids, family and friends to follow suit, some other dude comes and tells us the foods cause cancer. I just don’t know what to eat these days. At school I was told to drink milk and later after drinking a few cows dry it seems, I am being told that milk is not that good for me. One guy asked me if I ever saw a cow drinking milk as an adult and of course the answer was no. So why then should I be drinking milk if the calf stops after being weaned? Strong teeth, strong bones and all that is why I should I am then told, but yet after years of gulping the white stuff I have every possible bone issue and joint issue and have to turn to the capsules and all the supplements that I can take to remain supple as I slowly age. I believe after drinking a few of those cows I should have the best bones and joints ever. Maybe it has kept me to this point and I am now at past my sell by date or my milk to bone enhancement has expired.

When you look at a disease like AIDS which is not a disease that develops alike diabetes and cancer, I wonder if scientists may have a possible cure and I stress on possible. Magic Johnson comes to mind constantly as the poster boy for HIV survival cocktails. Money is on his side, back and front, so obtaining the “Mercedes line” of drugs is no issue for someone like him. Word is that there is no sign of the disease in him or no major sign, true or not so I am left wondering if that could mean that a cure is close but yet not close enough for the shallow pockets. I hope I don’t seem confusing but I am confused as it is when I come to discussing Magic Johnson and his HIV battle which it seems that he has a lead on so far. He has to stay healthy which means eating right and exercising. He has to take his medication too and not mess about with the timetable either, and that is made easy with the depth of his pockets. He is a sure poster boy/man for HIV survival, so if scientists can continue to develop the needed drugs to prolong life, then there is much to be made.

I drift back to the days of early sailing when scurvy killed many a sailor. A simple intake of citrus took care of that if my memory serves me correctly. The common cold is one of the main money earners for pharmaceuticals. Everyone at some point catches a cold, whether a bad one or a mild one, and cough medicine and multi-symptom pills come into play. Again drugs even though minor when compared to an HIV cocktail but drawing in billions yearly. The common cold used to be a killer and could be still these days if one doesn’t take care when the respiratory conditions come into play that could lead to bronchitis and pneumonia. Every year there are different strains of the common cold, and they are more prevalent during the carnival atmosphere. Lately I have come across some with a nasty cough, headaches and the shivers and some joint pains too. Quite similar to dengue minus the cough. New medicines are put into action yearly to fight off these colds, but not to rid the world of them or make it any harder not to get them. The fittest of fit picks up some strain at some point. Doctor visit or straight to the pharmacy we go to do our part in adding to the billion dollar industry. I was also informed that taking common cold or flu vaccines are not good for you either. I never have and surly never will either.

I just would love to see the day when cancer is discussed like a common cold is and so too HIV. The world being as promiscuous as it is even in the face of AIDS does not show any signs of slowing down, so the need for the life prolonging drugs will double and triple and quadruple as time goes by. What we eat and drink these days lend to faster development of cancers so you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t it appears because the healthy foods are all laced one way or the other with some cancer causing chemical. Whether the chemical is by spray or by the needle in the case of meats we are bound to be in contact one way or the other with these chemicals.

I could go on a bit more about the many good foods we should be eating which are now bad for us because they aid in developing either Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. All kinds or neurological illnesses are about and when the brain is affected the whole being is infected. I recently read of a doctor who is now dedicating his life to researching the factors that causes these illnesses and hopefully finding a cure. He had lost both parents to Parkinson’s and his findings would make you want to know what the heck is there that you can eat or drink these days. Since I learned that concentrated juices are bad for you and I really shouldn’t start my day with it, I am now left to turn to water or blending my own fibre and fruit to get the needed nutrients. Living is such a hard task these days. What doesn’t kill you is going to get you fat and eventually lead to diabetes which will kill you too eventually if not managed well. While fighting one issue another comes, and it’s off to the doctor and more medicine and then too much use of that drug means taking another to combat that one and the process goes on and on. Such is the way life is these days so all we can do is live with it until we do die with it.

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