McTaggart defends his two positions

GEORGE TOWN – While questions still linger about the potential conflicts in his role as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and serving as a Councillor to the Minister of Finance in the Progressives government, Roy McTaggart has said that believes he can contribute effectively to national matters in both capacities.

This week, McTaggart was also sworn in as a temporary minister of government, serving in place of Marco Archer, Minister of Finance and Economic Development during his absence from the island from 16-26 August.

McTaggart told Cayman Net News that he believes it is the former premier McKeeva Bush who should step down from the PAC, to allow the committee to discuss matters freely and openly.

He said that for the first to years the PAC will be auditing the performance of the past United Democratic Party government, which was led by Bush, and so he felt that he should continue on as chair.

However, he said that he wondered whether the resolutions of the committee would be robust enough, with him holding dual roles.

McTaggart promised to address the matter before the expiration of his mandate, so that he could only serve one of the roles.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller also questioned whether the PAC chairman’s dual roles would allow him to be effective.

In a telephone interview with Cayman Net News, Miller stated: “To me it does not seem right that the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee should be any kind of advisor or assistant to the Minister of Finance who is going to be preparing the accounts, which he is going to be auditing, so that is a conflict of interest,” he said.

“I would not allow myself to be put in that position,” Miller added. “I would have accepted to be the chairman of the public accounts committee or I would have accepted to the counselor to the minister of finance, but not both,” he said.

Miller opined that there was a moral issue in the matter of the dual roles and McTaggart needed to rise above sectarian interests. (Cayman Net News)

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