A glorious time

by Michron Robinson

djnicholasconcertonstageWho came to be ministered to, had an awesome time, their share of ministry and much more at the Redeemed Promotions Gospel Summer Trail 2013.

The concert which featured acts by international gospel reggae artist DJ Nicholas brought some to their knees and others to tears in the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre Country Road, St. Michael.

The crowd that came out had a taste of hits such as Back to The Owner, Holy Ghost Church, Divine Mathematics, Cut It Off and the more reflective, Sad Story.

Holy Ghost Gym which ended the spiritual hype that DJ Nicholas brought to the audience burned the calories away as the end of worship drew to a close.

djnicholasconcertaudiencemovingPrevious performances included De Warrior who shared his story of cocaine addiction and reminded those in the auditorium not to get into the habit of gossip because gossipers only remember the past of others and not their own.

He rendered his up tempo hits of- When Yuh Bless Yuh Bless, I’m Changed and De Blood which had the audience rocking all the way to the front of the sanctuary.

13th Apostle who also shared the stage brought out screams and shouts of ‘Halleluhah!’ and ‘Amen!’ among the young, old and in between during his performance.

Even Trinidadian Missionary Mannequein Judith de Vertewil who was the only still person in the church was at times incorporated into the performances at the declaration of- “Jesus is Lord!”

The curtains came down on the continuous praise party after four straight hours of what can be described as awesome worship from 7 -11 p.m

Manager of Redeemed Promotions Inc, Jernel Auboine presented DJ Nicholas with a plaque from the company and Vertiwil with a monetary gift which ended the night on a high and happy note.

Next week the Gospel Summer Trail 2013 continues with performances by Jason Mighty and others.

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