Time to combat the abuse

My heart has been very heavy due to all the recent murders of the mothers and daughters of this country who die prematurely and senselessly and I am disappointed that women are still being treated in this manner in 2013.

lieseldaisleyApproximately one in every four women suffers from verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse from their partner. This estimate also includes females under the age of 18 years old. Children who witness domestic violence at home often carry harmful attitudes and behaviours to school and into future relationships. Studies show that domestic violence is closely linked to issues of poverty, unemployment, substance abuse and mental illness.

Combating domestic violence requires a collaborative community effort. Barbados, we need you to join with the SAVE Foundation in educating the people that are close to you about the dangers of domestic violence. The number of reports of abuse and murders as a result of abuse is on the rise in a country that is marketed to the world as a peaceful haven.

We all know better and we all can do better. Let us be slow to get angry and lash out, let us be kind and loving to others bearing in mind that love does not cause any form of pain.

I would like to extend a challenge to the people of Barbados to make Barbados the first country in the Caribbean where domestic violence is on the decline. Though a small nation, we have taken to the lead in many areas in our region. I know that if we come together, if we work together, if we stand together we can combat domestic violence as a Bajan family.

In turn, the children of this nation will be able to grow up and thrive in loving homes and can look forward to a future that is everything they dreamed of.

— Liesel Daisley,

Chairman/ Founder

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