Union boss says they are not to blame for problems with water authority

sirroyoncbcGeneral Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union, Sir Roy Trotman has denied that it was the union’s fault that the Barbados Water Authority was unable to satisfy the water needs of the country.

Sir Roy issued this denial today while meeting with members of the press at union headquarters, Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St. Michael, where plans for the 72nd delegates conference were disclosed.

The union boss pointed out that it was the BWU which had been complaining to the Prime Minister that a certain kind of “mindless perversity” coming from the bowels of the BWA was making that institution refuse to deal in a professional manner with the issues that were on the table.

“The Prime Minister, as I am told, has been assigned with the responsibility of treating with that issue and he has indicated that he was trying to bring closure to it. We look forward to his intervention because we think that the matter really is not that great but somebody who has a will to make results take place needs to become involved,” Sir Roy explained.

He told the members of the press that his delegation and the Prime Minister spoke about the Customs Department, where over the last six weeks there have been problems arising from misunderstandings between persons who were involved in looking after the security of the borders of the country. He pointed out that these problems have arisen even though a protocol has been in place since 1997.

Furthermore, he recalled that customs guards have experienced threats and all kinds of abuse, but the union was hopeful that supervising ministries would be able to resolve the matter without making one agency feel it is superior to the other. (NC)

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