Scotland dominate Cayman Islands

Scotland’s Sarah Kerr looking to pass to a team- mate. (Picture compliments Tom Roberts)
Scotland’s Sarah Kerr looking to pass to a team- mate. (Picture compliments Tom Roberts)

GLASGOW — Scotland put on a dominant display, confidently winning 73-21 against the Cayman Islands as the 2013 World Youth Netball Championships opened last night in Scotland.

After the spectacular opening ceremony featuring traditional pipes and drums, and highland dancers, Scotland produced a crowd-pleasing performance in the opening game of the tournament.

Although shaky at first the hosts managed to find their stride by the end of the first quarter and lead 18-4.

But ball handling and passing errors from both sides resulted in the ball moving end to end without being converted. Scotland put good pressure on the Cayman Islands to create the turnovers but lost their possession as they moved through the court into attack.

After finishing at half-time leading 36-10, Scotland felt confident enough to bring some new faces onto the court, and their play continued to improve throughout the final two quarters. The Cayman Islands began to tire as they tried to keep up, but the home crowd spurred Scotland on to their first win.

Mary Tough, Scotland’s U21 Coach, concluded the game saying: “It was a great win where we improved throughout the game, putting on a strong performance to set us up for the next match on Saturday.”

Barbados will take on the Republic of Ireland in their first match tomorrow night and play their second game Sunday evening when they come up against Singapore.

The championships run until August 31.


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