New hotel project

alvinjemmottcheckinguponhisnewrestaurantA new chain of beach front restaurants is coming to the Caribbean and the second is being built in St. Lawrence Gap under the contract of Divi Southwinds Hotel and Beach Resort.

General Manager of the hotel, Alvin Jemmott predicted that Pure Ocean, which is going to be an all day restaurant, will be a very active spot along with a friendly, casual atmosphere that tourist will enjoy when they come to the Caribbean.

“We have a pretty good local following here at Divi Southwinds and we are very popular for our Staycation and believe it or not locals like to enjoy the ocean as well so they will be a target group for this restaurant brand as well,” Jemmott stated.

Those who are excited about giving the restaurant a try could expect cuisine to range from light snacks to full dinners, he added. “This however will not be the gourmet type setting … We know that this is a difficult time for development and this was a decision that we had to give careful consideration in trying to manage the difficult economic times and development at the same time and in the end we made the conscious decision that we will proceed,” he stated.

The project, which started the first week in August and has not given a completion date, should see similar developments in other Caribbean countries, Jemmott added. (MR)

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